Eric Loker

Date of Birth:Unavailable at this time
Age:Unavailable at this time
Joined Team Force:Unavailable at this time
Time on Team Force:Unavailable at this time
What Team Force has Provided:
Favorite Athlete:
  • Team Force with the US Team in Berlin, Germany 2001
    Skip Valle, Bob Thome, David Martin, Israel Collazo, Emery Roe, Eric Loker, Stephen Shipley, Joe Gongi, Donnavan Beswick, Mathew, Simona, Rikki Valle, Amanda Thome, Lizzie Thome, Stephany
  • Canadian Open
    Skip Valle, Roman Ogortsov, Jenny Crouch, Rikki Valle, Andreas, Eric Loker, Alan Causevic, Joshua Crouch, Tanya Barr, Mike Sanchez, Frankie, Kayla, Evan
  • WCT Main Event (Pay per View)
    Jason Han, Mike Sanchez, and Eric Loker
  • Unknown, Rikki Valle, Unknown, Little Stephany, Mary Alindogan, Skip Valle, Al Nemo, Michelle Venek, Randall Thompson, Eric Loker, Stephen Shipley, Roman Ogortsov, Unknown
  • AAU National Team in Peurto Rico
    Stephen Shipley, Mary Ann Thomas, Eric Loker, Rachel Marcial, Karen Ogatta, Rikki Valle
  • Al Nemo, Skip Valle, Donovan Beswick, Michelle, Josh Nemo, Unknown, Eric Loker, Zach Koch, Dov Rine, Israel Collazo, Luke Ford, Lizzy Thome, Rikki Valle, Unknown, Amanda Thome, Tara Omalley, Frankie
  • AAU Nationals
    Al Nemo, Unknown, Josh Crouch, Vera, Jennifer Kindred, Rikki Valle, Tanya Barr, Andreas, Stephen Shipley, Unknown, Mike Sanchez, Eric Loker, Kevin Bair
  • New Orleans
    Dov Rine, Eric Loker, Michael Woods ,Derek Runyan ,Stuart Koch ,Amanda Thome, Lizzy Thome, Donna Woods, Israel Collazo, Rikki Valle, Zach Koch, Tammy, Luke Ford
  • Athlete:Eric Loker 2003
  • Athlete:Eric Loker
  • Athlete:Eric Loker
  • Athlete:Eric Loker