If you are looking to learn Olympic style Competition sparring, call (847)707-7794

Team Force is looking for athletes 8 years old an up who are interested in making any of the following USAT and AAU National Sparring Teams:

All athletes, male or female, Red Belt or Higher, in any weight division can apply.

For more information please contact:

Skip Valle at (847)707-7794 or teamforcetkd@aol.com

View the Daily Herald's article about Team Force (12/1/2011) HERE.

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  • Stefan Mijatovic - 2nd Place Silver on his way to Team Trials in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in September, 2012.
  • 2011 Costa Rica Open
    Skip ValleUS AAU National Team Manager
    Aaron CookeGB National Team
    Master Kevin Conroy
  • 2011 AAU National Team at the Costa Rica Open
  • Four Going to AAU 2011 Team Trials
    Jacob Aquino (not shown)2010 National Team Member
    Ryan WangGold
    Rikki ValleSilver
    Skip ValleTeam Force Manager
    Nick PitchanBronze
  • Team Force Manager Skip Valle and Coach Rikki Valle with Team Force Member Jacob Aquino receiving his National Team Uniform
    Jacob made AAU Jr. Fly Weight National Team at age 13.
  • Skip Valle, Blake, Ryan, Jacob Aquino (2011 AAU National Team Member Jr. Fly), Nick, Tyler, Spencer, and Arthur Kopilevich (2011 US Open 12-13 Champion).
  • Coach:Rikki Valle
    Athlete:Arthur Kopilevich
    Team Manager:Skip Valle
    Event:US Open 2011
  • Athlete:Arthur Kopilevich
    Event:US Open 2011
    Division:12yr - 13yr Black Belt
    Result:Gold Medal
  • Event:Al Kahar's Seminar
    Skip Valle, Alan Causevic, Sam Caton, Rikki Valle, Kip Fontana, Michelle Fashandi, Emily Basten, Tyler Kennedy, Blake Kretschmar, Arthur Kopilevich
  • Event:Al Kahar's Seminar
    Skip Valle, jay Warwick, Kip Fontana, Alan Causevic, Rikki Valle
  • Athletes(left to right):Blake Kretschmar, Tyler Kennedy, Ryan Wang
    Event:Chicago Open 2011
    Coaches:Rikki Valle, Chris
    Team Manager:Skip Valle
    Results:All Gold Medals
  • Athletes:Jacob Aquino(Silver), Tyler Kennedy(Bronze)
    Event:Wisconsin Qualifier 2011
    Results:1 Silver, 1 Bronze
  • Event:Wisconsin Qualifier 2011
    Jacob Aquino, Mary Alindogan, Skip Valle, Blake Kretschmar, Coach Chris Fontanosa, Caitlyn Peirce, Spencer Sang, Ryan Wang, Tyler Kennedy
  • Aiden Ubaldo 2012
  • Ana Mijatovic 2012
  • Curt Wang 2012
  • Eyal Zirzion 2012
  • Ian, Jason, and Aiden 2012
  • Ian Ubaldo 2012
  • Jason Obrycki 2012
  • Michael Schodin 2012
  • Nick Pitchan 2012
  • PJ Stallone 2012
  • Princessa Galvan 2012
  • Ryan Wang 2012
  • Spencer Sang 2012
  • Spencer Sang 2012
  • Stefan Mijatovic 2012
  • 2012 Team Force Training (Left to Right, Back to Front)
    Eyal Zerzion, Nick Pitchan, Coach "Chuy", Mike Schodin
    Princessa Galvan, Spencer Sang
  • May 2012 AAU National Team Departing from Chicago to Canadian Open
  • May 2012 Canadian Open (Left to Right)
    Mark GiambiAAU Executive Board
    Mike FrielloAAU National Sport Chair
    Skip ValleUS AAU National Team Manager
  • Team Force Families at Nationals
  • Left to Right
    Joaquin PinkardTeam Force Alumnae - Sr. Gold
    Stefan MijatovicJunior Silver
    Nick Pitchan 
    Mike SchodinJunior Silver
    P.J. Stallone 
  • RNR after Competition
  • Skip with Terrence Jennings
  • Team Force Moms and Rikki
  • Left to Right
    Joaquin Pinkard - Team Force Alumnae - Sr. GoldStefan Mijatovic - Junior SilverNick PitchanMike Schodin - Junior SilverP.J. Stallone